Manifesto 4 Life


We the people who have rallied under the banner, “I am 4 Life” are committed to the protection of All-American Citizens who are waiting to be birthed, regardless of where they are in the gestation process. We stand in opposition of the recent behavior that was exhibited by Governor Mario Cuomo of New York State and a select group of State Legislators who surrounded him as he signed into law Bill S2796, on the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. New York Legislators cheered the passage of the late term abortion law as they joined Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont and Washington, D.C. through the avowal of the right to abort up to the moment of birth as a on demand reproductive right. As people who attest that “I am 4 Life” appreciates life and desire to see changes in current abortion laws,


We affirm, as our Declaration of Independence declares, that it is our Creator who has endowed us with the preeminent Right, which is the right to life; all other rights are subordinate to this fundamental right,

We Affirm that all unborn life is precious and deserves the application of Civil Rights, legal protection and Human Rights as applicable,

We affirm that the unborn are citizens of the respective States wherein they reside,

We affirm the dignity and respect that the birth parent(s) deserve, even as we affirm the responsibility of the medical community to convey to the parent(s) the true status of life that the unborn possess,


We affirm and agree with the polling data compiled by and Americans United for Life (AUL) that indicates 79% of all Americans oppose abortion in the third trimester, 80% of Americans oppose and reject aborting a child the day before birth, regardless of rationale,

We affirm that most Americans want some form of restriction placed upon abortion, thereby ending abortion on demand as it currently stands and is protected by the Supreme Court of the United States of America,

We affirm that there exists a great divide between the governed and those who govern when we address the subject of abortion and the sanctity of life,

We affirm that polling data demonstrates a schism exists between pro-choice Americans and their legislators, as even the pro-choice community prefers a saner and restrictive approach to abortion rights,


We affirm and agree with the reality that medical science and understanding have changed the question of viability beyond the womb from 1973’s passage of Roe v. Wade, with most medical professionals determining that it is reasonable to fight for the life of a premature birth at or around the 24th week of gestation,

We affirm that medical science has proven that babies that are born premature have a survivable rate of 17% at 23 weeks, 39% at 24 weeks, 80% at 26 weeks, 90-95% at 28-31 weeks,


We affirm that we stand in opposition in any contemplated or future legislation that would identify Michigan as a State that stands in solidarity with the late-term abortion States, and we want our Legislators to understand our position as Citizens who vote our conscious and reside in Michigan,

We affirm our opposition to the inhumane and barbaric practice of “partial- birth abortion and dissection abortion,” as such, we support the amending of Michigan Penal Code 1931 PA 328 with the addition of 2011 PA 168, which criminalizes late-term abortion and dismemberment abortion practices. The bill would add up to a $50,000.00 dollar fine and/or up two years in prison,

We affirm that Michigan state law prosecutes as manslaughter the killing of an “unborn quick child” under Michigan State Ann. § 28.555. We further affirm that the state of Michigan determines a fetus to be a unique life by providing felony penalties for actions that intentionally, or in wanton or willful disregard for consequences, cause a “miscarriage or stillbirth,” or cause “aggravated physical injury to an embryo or fetus (M.C.L. 750.90a through 750.90f),”


We affirm and stand in solidarity with other States in the Union of the United States of America, whose denizens are proposing Legislation such as “heartbeat Laws,” limitations of late-term abortions by restricting and denying access to abortions beyond the 20th –24th week of gestation, mandatory non- biased counseling before an abortion can be granted that allows the abortion seeker the latest medical data concerning fetal development, parental notification in the case of minors, with possible exceptions of danger to the mothers life, and all efforts to cause abortion on demand to be a thing of the past,

And we further affirm our disgust and repulsion of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s recent call for a “civil” discussion about terminating the life of born yet unwanted children who survived a botched abortion, were born with excessive congenital defects of any other version of infanticide and euthanasia,

We affirm that infanticide is a vile, reprehensible practice that must not become a point of dialogue among State Legislators anywhere within the domain of these United States of America, much less in the Great State of Michigan, herein we are letting our voices be heard,


Therefore be it resolved that we the people of “I am 4 Life” affirm the rights of the unborn, true viability of life is a legitimate concern of the overwhelming majority of citizens of the USA, abortion laws need to be reassessed and changed to reflect the will of the people, not the protection of the sanctity of Supreme Court precedence and established law, we demand the outlawing of dissection abortive practices and the cessation of all late-term abortion laws with criminal consequences being applied to those who choose to ignore these duly changed laws.

We the people of “I am 4 Life” resolve to continue to see our cause as a stand for righteousness, as we are righteously indignant with the direction certain governmental figures have taken toward the escalation of atrocities toward the unborn and we say that we stand in solidarity with the unborn, giving the unborn a voice and extending to the unborn the right to pursue life and liberty, as we demand justice for all.

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