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New York State’s recent passage of the right to abort up to birth is absolutely abhorrent. The law is abusive toward children who have not taken their first breath. It is time for good people to no longer stand silently while this modern holocaust is being perpetrated against unborn citizens of America.


It’s time to rise up and wage a peaceful war on the abortion culture of America, as we fight for the voiceless, becoming their voice, lending our bodies in protest for their lives.


We are going to stage a sit in at the Michigan State Capitol in April to voice our displeasure at the current direction that certain State Legislators across America are taking in their suppression of the unborn.


Furthermore, we stand in the strongest way possible against Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s call for a civil discussion of infanticide. Children who survive an abortion should not be executed on a sterile manner. The child should be given all measures for life and survival. We have seen the horror of calling people 3/5’s human. It is time to stop treating the unborn as less than human.


Although many argue that the 3/5 human designation of Black slaves was simply for taxation purposes, try telling that to the Black community. We fought a great American Civil War to restore the dignity and humanity to those who had been treated as less than human through slavery. Let’s make a modern stand for the unborn citizens of our nation and move the needle together for life.


It is time to speak out and end the attitudes and laws that view unborn children as less than human. Today more black babies are aborted than birthed in New York City. This is an assault on the unborn and minority populations in America. It is a genocidal assault on minorities.


Please pray about joining us for this protestation against uncivil laws. The date and time is April 23rd. Beginning at 12 noon, we will worship, pray and instruct on the Capitol Steps. At 1pm we will move into the Rotunda and conduct a peaceful Sit-in protest. We have been officially placed on the official calendar for the Capital.


We are indebted to the ACLU for their aid and assistance in giving us legal advice for our event. Please prepare your hearts and get ready to join us as we stand for those who cannot stand for themselves.

#sit4life #Iam4Life

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